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Out of The Box - Amazement Park is an amusement park and wedding venue which has the only Paintball Court in Rajkot and multiple venues for all types of events.

Come have an adventurous day at Out of the box - Amazement Park and enjoy the ultimate games like Humans fuss ball, Archery, Wall climbing , Army rampage, and many more.

Let your wedding be the perfect beginning of your happily ever after. Out of the box provides the best venues for your wedding in Rajkot. It has 2 wedding lawns, a banquet hall, a Poolside area, a restaurant & cafe. Poolside wedding at #OTBRAJKOT is the dream wedding for the new beginning of your happily ever after.



Paintball is a competitive team shooting sport in which players eliminate opponents from play by hitting them with spherical dye-filled gelatin capsules called paintballs that break upon impact.


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SKYDINING was born out of a desire to create an experience that combines the thrill of adventure with the delight of a good meal. SKY DINING is a unique concept that enables you and your loved ones to eat, drink and be merry at the height of 120 ft above ground level and we promise that it shall be an affair to remember.

Family is always fun! Spice it up even more by hosting them at SKY DINING! Apart from dining in the sky, we can organize games, and other team activities in our launch area. Once you have booked your tickets, a representative shall get in touch and organize the perfect outing for you! We offer a discount of 10% if 10-15 seats are booked, and a discount of 20% if 16-22 seats are booked.

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  • Poolside Candlelight Dinner
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    Poolside Candlelight Dinner


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    Poolside Candlelight Dinner With Music and Delicious Food

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