Out of The Box

Aqua Zone

An aqua-zing experience for the entire family as we offer separate pools for adults &kids. Dance your worries out with our built-in DJ system & wait, we have got rain dance parties too! At OTB, don’t bother about the nifty’s, we have covered you with swimwear, lockers, shower & changing rooms. We also organize social gatherings, Weddings & Receptions at poolside which can accommodate the crowd of 500 at once!

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Foam Party

Often, an old-school dance party is what the doctor ordered. Hosting a regular dance party with a foam machine can also function if you’re not looking to implement a theme. Allow the music to flow and dance on the lawn or in a foam dance pit.
Consider other music genres like rock and roll or disco to find something that accommodates you and your friends beat times.
Don’t worry about foam getting into your eyes or skin since it is
100% Naturally Organic making it 100% safe for you.

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Pool Party

Nothing can be more fun on a hot summer day than hitting the pool and splashing around with friends. So, organizing an indoor pool party for kids and their friends can make you the coolest parent around. But, if you’re looking to take the reunion celebration to the next level, all you need is a party theme and some unique ideas that can bring it to life and ensure your guests have a total blast. Be it a simple, spontaneous gathering or a carefully planned extravaganza

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Rain Dance

Rain dance is offered in a variety of themes. A themed rain dance will offer you a cause to come back and will instantly boost your experience at OTB. You can participate in adventure or sport if you want an active vacation along with different themes of Rain-dance!! We include themes for children and adults.
As the name implies, you will be enthralled by the heart-racing rhythmic beats. It’s a specifically designed dance floor that provides a multi-sensory experience, complete hi-fidelity sound, psychedelic laser lights, and showers that bathe you in dancing ecstasy! This attraction will provide you with a musical delight without making you sweat.

Depth of pool for adults: 4.5 ft"

Depth of pool for kids: 2 ft"

Pricing: 300 / Person

Pool Accessories

Swimming pool accessories can improve every aspect of your pool from the way it looks to the way you use it.


Swimming Costume is Compulsory.
Outside food is not allowed.
Cotton fabric is not allowed.
Guest can carry costume (Nylon/synthetic material) with them.
All other amenities/items are chargeable.
All rights reserved to the management.