Out of The Box

“Why do you go away? So that you can come back. So that you can see the place you camefrom with new eyes and extra colors. And the people there see you differently, too. Comingback to where you started is not the same as never leaving.” – Terry Pratchett Your life is filled with surprises and OTB has got the right mix to enjoy it to the fullest! Turndown you’re boring af weekdays to joyful one’s with these crazy adventure activities:

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Paint Ball

This has to be one of the best stress relieving shooting games ever made divided in two teams, hit as many as you can & be the WINNER! Seems too easy, isn’t it? We bet it not!

You should be at least 12 to participate

Duration: NA



Rs. 50 – 5 Bullets

Rs. 100 – 15 Bullets


Rs. 200 – 25 Bullets

Rs. 350 – 60 Bullets

Rs. 500 – 120 Bullets

Rates per person



Rs. 150 – 20 Bullets

Rs. 300 – 60 Bullets

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Climb as high as 25 ft and enjoy a mesmerizing view of the venue &theneighborhood.


You should be at least 14 to participate
Rs. 200 / Round

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Rope Rumble

This notorious rope course has 20+ activities to test one’s agility, spontaneity, balance & wit. 


Minimum Height : 4 ft
Rs. 200 / Round

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Army Rampage

Show your grit & determination to win the 11 activities in our Army
Rampage. Mind you, this has some serious obstacles to tackle in order to be the winner!


You should be at least 12 to participate
Rs. 100 / Round

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Human Foosball

Looking for a team building game where you need keen coordination?Foosball it is! Gather your best team & jump in the pitch.



You should be at least 12 to participate
Time duration – 20 minutes
Minimum players – 6 players
Maximum players – 12 players
Rs. 40 / Person

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Bull Ride

Have the guts & strength to withstand our mighty “BULLY”? Ride on our mechanical bull & challenge yourself to come out as a victor!

You should be at least 12 to participate
Rs. 50 / Round

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Challenge your friends at the world’s oldest form of combat to test yourfocus, precision & aiming skills. Hit that Bull’s Eye!


You should be at least 14 to participate
Rs. 100 for 5 Arrow

Kids Zone

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Bumper to Bumper

Get on a bumpy ride – bump, bump & bump! Let your kid dashthe car or escape from getting bumped. Ride – Bump – Dodge is all you have to do.


You should be at least 7 – 18 to participate
Weight limit – 50 kg
RS. 50 / Round

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Paddle Boat

Let your kid paddle a small pleasure boat themselves & enjoy the ride


You should be at least 10 to participate
weight under 20 kg
Rs. 50 for 10 minutes

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Kinder Garten

Kids need to explore & horne their skills at young age & Kinder Gardenis just the place to be! Allow them the freedom and see them coming out with flying colors

You should be under 12 to participate
Fees: RS. 100
Duration: 15 minutes

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Hop – Fall – Jump; let your toddlers experience the power of gravity!

You should be at least 12 to participate
Rs. 20 for 15 minutes

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Bounce as high as you can & never fear of falling; with Bouncy, see howwell your kids can shut up & bounce!


You should be under 12 to participate
Rs. 30 for 15 Minutes


*Once the tickets are generated, it cannot be cancelled.

*Entry will be prohibited if tickets are lost, or not founded’

*Some activities may have restrictions, for safety purposes.

*T&C Apply